Musical Guest Gary Edelman

Gary Edelman hails from the Philadelphia area. He started music late, and his guitar saved him from a troubled early life. He tried to make it as a musician, living in Nashville, New York, and LA for a period of time before ending up in Myrtle Beach.

About a year after discovering music, he first heard about Baba, though it took him 10 years to become a Baba lover. Around 1979, his brother Steve, already a longtime Baba lover, gifted Gary a trip to India. However, Gary wasn’t sure he wanted to go, as he did not consider himself a devoted Baba lover, but before the trip, his one and only dream of Baba came to him. Baba was on a couch, beckoning for him to come close. That convinced Gary to take advantage of his brother’s generous gift. Then, the first time that he entered the Samadhi, Gary had an intense experience of Baba as God, and was reduced to days of crying afterward.

Many of you will recognize Gary’s compositions (such as the songs “In the Great Beginning” and “Someone Like You”) from the Chris Riger movie “Meher Baba’s Call.” Ironically, though, all three of his songs in “Meher Baba’s Call” were written to God before Gary knew that he was a Baba lover!

Gary brings a compelling passion and devotion to all of his songs, a number of which you can sample here.