Past NE Gatherings


The 2015 Northeast Gathering for Meher Baba


Jamie Newell and Steve Klein

2015: Featured guests Jamie Newell and Steve Klein


2015: Jamie Newell (center), accompanied by
Lisa Brande and Mark Trichka, husband and wife duo

NEG June 2015 Baba Lovers

2015: The lovers who came for Baba’s Northeast Gathering
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2016: Jimmy Kahn speaking of his experiences with Meher Baba


2016: Billy Goodrum performing his songs with Cliff on tabla


2016: Group discussion concerning coming to Baba


2016: Bookstorewalla Angela Lee Chen

2017: Guest speakers Christopher Wilson and Charles Haynes

2017: Charles Haynes and Christopher Wilson sharing with the group

2017: Musical guest Adrienne Shamszad