Charles Haynes and Christopher Wilson

Baba embracing Charles-A



Charles Haynes and his family first met Meher Baba in 1958 during the Sahavas at Meher Spiritual Center. Charles attended the East-West Gathering in 1962 and the Great Darshan in 1969. He served on the Meher Center board for many years and currently serves on the board of Meher Fund. In his professional life, Charles is vice president of the Newseum Institute and founding director of the Religious Freedom Center. He is the author or co-author of eight books, including Meher Baba, The Awakener.

Christopher Wilson grew up in Columbia, S.C. and first learned about Meher Baba through a teacher at his high school. He first visited Meher Spiritual Center on May 21, 1987 –- the same date on which Charles had met Meher Baba at the Center in 1958. Christopher earned his doctorate in art history and has published widely on depictions of St. Teresa of Avila and other Carmelites in European and Latin American art. He teaches Upper School history and art history at Holton-Arms School, an independent school for girls.

Christopher and Charles were married on December 6, 2014, after twenty-five years together. Together, they published Norina’s Gift: Messages of Meher Baba Received Through Princess Norina Matchabelli and continue to work with Norina’s and Nadine Tolstoy’s archival materials. Christopher and Charles live in Alexandria, VA with their two dogs, Jefferson and Jimmy, and their parrot, José.

Charles and Christopher-A