Bernard Bruford

Bernard Bruford has a lifetime of devoting himself to Baba and His home in Australia. Bernard’s story is a very unique one in the Baba world. He met Baba in 1956 (at age 13) and 1958 (at age 15) in Australia, and then again four years later at the 1962 East West Gathering in India. His parents were sufis with Francis Brabazon and all came to Baba at the same time. At the 1958 Sahavas at Avatar’s Abode, Baba asked the Bruford parents if they would move up from Melbourne to the Abode and farm it. During Baba’s private interview with John and Joan, Baba asked the Bruford children to come in. Bernard was 15 and his sister Joanna was 17. Baba asked them how they would feel about living on the Abode with their parents. They both answered, “If that is what our parents want.” So by the end of 1958, the Brufords moved up, and Bernard (now age 75) has been living on the Abode ever since.

Bernard was ordered by Baba to live on the Abode and to serve there his entire lifetime. Not only is he the Director of the Abode, he also serves as the Treasurer and Accountant for the Avatar’s Abode Trust. This is while he is not mowing acres and acres of fields, maintaining the grounds, overseeing all the contractors, and serving as chairman of the Avatar’s Abode Anniversary Committee (which recently finished a 7-day celebration with close to 250 guests from around the world).